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John Worth

An excellent book I read lately - "The Making of a Man" by John Worth. It's available here (MX)  and here (Amazon) . (And if anyone is interested in further reviews or participating in a giveaway, do let me know; John has made a very generous offer for SHSI.) I consider myself quite lucky that John reached out to me and I had a chance to read his book - and I have to say, I'm very impressed. Most people who know me also know that I'll latch on to pretty much everything Holmes related, but my favourites are always either traditional pastiches or modern adaptations with lots and lots of references to the canon (subtle or otherwise).  If you don't believe me, go look it up on Goodreads . So, when I started reading the book, I was quite taken aback. In fact, after a couple of chapters, I went back to reread John's email, to make sure that it was really a Holmes book he sent me and not something else. I'd been quite amused at the name of one of the main cha

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